Sunday, December 5, 2010

UtopiaLand: Lament in The Age of Justin Bieber

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March 29th: Ep1
Barack Obama's Libya Speech, Steven Tyler is the new Ellen DeGeneres

March 30th: Ep2
Gadhafi's Son/ Donald Trump Birth Certificate Fake/ Clooney & Berlusconi

March 31st: Ep3
UtopiaLand News: Jet Crashes/ Libya FM Quits/ Artifact Excites Indiana Jones Community

April 1st: Ep4
Weekend Edition: James Earl Ray Still a Douche/ Fidel Castro Dies


April 4th: Ep5
Obama's Re-Bid, Terry Jones, Radioactive Milk

April 5th: Ep6
The Governator Trailer Episode

April 6th: Ep7
Government Shutdown/ Bristol Palin Makes A Killing

April 7th: Ep8
Glenn Beck: The Glennd of Days


April 11th: Ep9
Class War/ Superman/ Laurent Gbagbo Captured

April 12th: Ep10
Romney Causes Childhood Psychosis

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