Sunday, December 5, 2010

UtopiaLand: Lament in The Age of Justin Bieber

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March 29th: Ep1
Barack Obama's Libya Speech, Steven Tyler is the new Ellen DeGeneres

March 30th: Ep2
Gadhafi's Son/ Donald Trump Birth Certificate Fake/ Clooney & Berlusconi

March 31st: Ep3
UtopiaLand News: Jet Crashes/ Libya FM Quits/ Artifact Excites Indiana Jones Community

April 1st: Ep4
Weekend Edition: James Earl Ray Still a Douche/ Fidel Castro Dies


April 4th: Ep5
Obama's Re-Bid, Terry Jones, Radioactive Milk

April 5th: Ep6
The Governator Trailer Episode

April 6th: Ep7
Government Shutdown/ Bristol Palin Makes A Killing

April 7th: Ep8
Glenn Beck: The Glennd of Days


April 11th: Ep9
Class War/ Superman/ Laurent Gbagbo Captured

April 12th: Ep10
Romney Causes Childhood Psychosis

Sunday, July 18, 2010

RW Productions

Whatever your film/video/animation need, we can handle it.
We are located in Southern CT with partners in Boston and Wash. DC.

1080 HD Cameras
Green-Screen Studio
Custom Animation/ Animated logo & graphics
Transfer film/ old video to DVD
Sound Recording
Compose Music
Write copy for commercial
Write script for acting demo or trailer
And more...
Many commercials and several feature films to our credit.
Our Resume on IMDB
Contact: Rodwebber AT

Commercials/ Animation Reel

Films Reel