Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UtopiaLand Comic - Gadhafi's Son/ Donald Trump Birth Certificate Fake/ Clooney & Berlusconi

Yesterday, sources revealed that until the Libyan uprising, Khamis Gadhafi, Muamar Gadhafi's son was in the US on an internship. What was the lunatic dictator's son up to while on his internment? He was tralloping around Broadway, taking in shows of Mamma Mia... Oh- and learning from an engineering firm called AE-COM how to modernize Libya.

Since rushing home, Gadhafi Junior has played a key role in helping Daddy to smother the uprising of Mad-Max/ The Road Warrior-styled combatants from seeking freedom from captain-crazy cakes. Big Daddy Gadaffi, nor his despot-kimono could be reached for comment. In other news, Donald Trump, a self-proclaimed birther, was hoping for a quick swift kick to Barack Obama's nut-sack, when Trump publicly released his own birth certificate in order to prove how simple it would be for Obama to do so. The problem is, New York City officials say Trump's birth-certificate is junk. Or at the very least, it isn't official. It looks as though the birthers will have to add old Donny's name to their blacklist.

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