Saturday, October 8, 2011

Northern Comfort @ Reel Fest DC!

Somewhere between home and where the heart is, is the place that we’re all going. When confronted with our humanity and our mortality we are confronted with the questions: Who do I want to be, and where do I want to go? Join two lost souls as they take the journey in search of hope, in search of answers, in search of… Northern Comfort.

Northern Comfort
Directed by Rod Webber
Written by Rod Webber, Greta Gerwig, Joseph James Bellamy, Irina Peligrad, David T. Grophear.

Rod Webber            ...       Horace
Greta Gerwig            ...     Cassandra
Joseph James Bellamy ...  Owen
Irina Peligrad            ...     Denise
Markus Nechay                Lived Alone In The Woods
Matthew D. Ferrel           Believed in Legislation
Jose Ramos                      Played A Good Game Of Chess
Robert Koch                    Tried To Catch The Big Fish

Directed by Rod Webber
Written by Rod Webber. Additional dialogue by Greta Gerwig, Joseph James Bellamy, Irina Peligrad, Markus Nechay, David T. Grophear
Camera: David T. Grophear, Tim Brenner
Sound: Mike Kovalko
Co-Producers: David T. Grophear, Ali Bell
Associate Producers: Joseph Poleman, Sam Moussavi

Northern Comfort, starring Rod Webber and Greta Gerwig, (who is now very well known for films such as Greenberg, No Strings Attached and the Russell Brand remake of Arthur) is the second of Webber’s experimental films shot primarily in three days. Webber's guide to shooting is based upon what frequent collaborator Joseph James Bellamy refers to as The Perpetual Motion Manifesto. The film is perhaps best described as an existentialist character-study, in which Webber and Gerwig encounter a slice of snowy, northern Americana as they walk, talk, and drive their way to Canada for employment and free health-care, respectively.

Synopsis:  Guided only by a set of books-on-tape by Greek philosopher Socrates, Horace and Cassandra are a mismatched duo who must learn to work together or meander aimlessly throughout the frozen wilderness. The two strike up a friendship, but after a night of drinking and spitting-up blood in a hotel bathroom, Cassandra has second thoughts about the pairing, and leaves the next morning. Horace and Cassandra cross paths again, but after her car breaks down, they are forced to find shelter in the woods. They come across a cabin inhabited by a crazy old hermit (Markus Nechay) who let’s them get out from the cold, and spends the night telling stories and playing his violin while Cassandra tries to get some shut-eye.

When Cassandra is confronted with the reality that her sickness is worsening, she must decide whether to stick it out with Horace, or find her own way, knowing that her time is running out.

Northern Comfort premiered May 25th, 2010 and has upcoming screenings October 9th 2011, at Southern New England Indie Film Fest, and November 11th at ReelFest DC.

Note*: The website is somewhat in transition-- But a more detailed synopsis is to come, when we get some of our other web-related issues squared away. In the meantime, please check out the trailers!

Northern Comfort Trailer 1:

Northern Comfort Trailer 2:

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  1. Ever since I first saw the trailer for this film I have been eagerly waiting to see it. It has been a couple of years now and I seem to be no closer to achieving that goal.
    Rod, when can I see this film? Is it available on VOD, DVD or other?!?
    Please let me know, my e-mail is -