Thursday, April 7, 2011

Indie Film UnderGround: Tonight in Denver

Rod Webber

Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!! 
It's John Hartman!
John Hartman, proponent of all things Indie, all things Film, and all things Underground! So, it would only be natural to assume that when John Hartman puts on a film festival... He'd call it Indie Film Underground.

Hartman's goal in creating the event is to bring avant-garde filmmakers out into the open, so that there is a place to see films that aren't necessarily about lawn gnomes. Although, knowing Hartman's sensibilities; German Expressionism, grainy super-8 footage, Dutch angles, I wouldn't be surprised if after reading this interview, he set out to make a film about lawn gnomes. John's films are always boundary-pushing. John's films are always beautiful, but not in that Hollywood way. John is able to find beauty in a darkened corridor in the pit of an old castle. John can find beauty in an old trash can.

To be assured, if John did set out to make a film about a lawn gnome, I'm sure that the way in which he shot it would if not blow your mind, at the very least, allow you to see that garden gnome in a new light. Now, all of this talk of gnomes is not to say that I'm not a big fan of Gnomeo and Juliet.... After all, Gnomeo is (technically) the Bard. But, I think you know what I'm driving at.

Come to think of it, I think that John's film Petrified does have a lawn gnome in it... I will have to revisit that one.

If you are in Denver tonight, check out John's film fest. If the films he has programmed are anything like  the films that he creates, it is sure to be mind opening. Check it out!

Written by Rod Webber

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