Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UtopiaLand Comics: Romney Causes Childhood Psychosis

Hello and welcome to UtopiaLand News.
I'm Mitt Romney
Tonight. Mitt Romney tells us about his exploratory committee, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney. If you say it enough times, he pops out of a Wedding cake and haunts your children in their dreams until election day. The only way to make him go back in the cake: Stroke him gently and --- aww fuck it. Once he's out, he won't go back in the cake. At least until election day. Also-- make sure to never Comb his hair against the grain. It makes him wonder QUOTE how is this happened in the land that leads the world in innovation and productivity?" END QUOTE.

yes yes yes. We know. Obama this. Obama. Obama Obama. Is it mean, or are all of your memories so fucking short that you've forgotten that the guy who got us into this financial mudslide is George W. Bush? Or was all that just a freaky dream? I do remember sitting back one night after kicking back to Enjoy Sex In The City and endulging in too much Hagen Daz-- when suddenly a slender man in a black vinyl skin-hugging suit came in and began dancing like a worm. When suddenly I looked up and I was in the middle of Afghanistan. There were bullets flying all around me. I didn't know which way was up, or which way was--
Egh hegghm.
It appears I've said too much.
You win this round, Romney.
Just don't think you'll fool us this time with that perfect smile and perfect lips. You haven't gotten any work done since last election. And you're going to have to be Brad Pitt pretty if you want to be president this time.

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