Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UtopiaLand Comic: Government Shutdown/ Bristol Palin Makes A Killing

Today in headlines, The Government threatens to shut down, Bristol Palin makes a killing, and our new segment, What's more American?

But first: Today, the White House expressed frustrations after House speaker John Boehner announced that it aint down with the 73Billion in cuts Dems proposed to the budget. Despite the fact that Barack seems to have met Boehner's original demands, Boehner's response: "Go fuck yourself." In lighter news, Bristol Palin's speeches about abstinence made her a quarter million this year. A clear financial wizard. I say if she can make that much money talking about NOT having sex-- Well screw it-- have her balance the budget.
Either that, or bring out Mini Me from Austin Powers, so he can leave a warm steaming turd on my high school math book.... cuz something aint adding up.

That's news for now. Let's all go make some babies, I can see a bright future on the horizon!

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