Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UtopiaLand Comic: The Governator Trailer Episode

Today's top headlines, Schwartzenegger's Governator trailer has arrived. There's nothing else to report. What can I say? Arnold is king. He's king he's king he's king. Or at least he would be if they got rid of those pesky rules about being an American to run for president.

In other news, that guy who is president now says it is tribunal time for the 9-11 jerk-faces. No civilian court for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. We must bring him to Guantanamo bay for a military tribunal. It is a good decision, and if Arnold was president, he would have made it first.

That is why the time is now for us to use time-travel technology from terminator so that we can bring Arnold back in time to be born in the United States. This way, he can use all of his proven cartoon superhero superpowers to bring these criminals to justice.
Also, when elected, he will use his Governating powers to stop the tsunami, from making the radiation which is making the Godzillas which are taking over Tokyo. He will make Viagra free for everyone, he will CRUSH the birthers, and Gaddaffi, and hunt down bin Laden, and we will live in peace and tranquility for as long as his cartoon stays on the air.

That's news for now. I am UtopiaLand.
Isn't it fun living in the End of Days?

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